Hailing from Ghana, Augustina “MS.ABA” Austin is a born multi-talent: a singer/songwriter, former beauty queen, presenter and fashion & lifestyle writer who is yet to innovate African music with a new sound called: afrosoul.

The artist

Started dancing at young age, she discovered her first love as a singer in her teens when she joined a gospel hip hop group at her local church in the Netherlands. MS.ABA knew then that she was born to make music and perform. Having joined an African Gospel band afterwards, it took some time until 2011 when she found out she wanted to continue as a solo artist.

MS.ABA has participated in various talent shows, of which in 2012 she was a Music Matters Award nominee in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Now that she is pursuing her own career in music, she is determined to make music that remains close to her culture, inspirations and her faith. “My music reflects on my life experiences, influenced by genres I grew up listening to and most importantly how Christ has impacted my life, which includes my perspective on life issues. I believe my inspiration is for everybody.” MS.ABA reveals.

MS.ABA is determined to make an international impact with a refreshing sound, a fusion of West African music, Reggae, R&B/Soul wrapped in inspirational content.


MS.ABA released her first single Shero online in November 2014. Shero is available on ITunes, Spotify and Soundcloud. Furthermore, Augustina performs alongside her band the Chords and is working on her forthcoming EP. “Expect my music to be like a warm soulful and groovy experience taking you to a porch in Ghana while sipping on a cool drink and enjoying the heat of the sun. My EP will emphasize love, empowerment and faith. My music is my way of showing a bit of what makes me a proud African. I and the producers I am working with have all grown up with African music and influences from other music genres. So this is a perfect collaboration,” MS.ABA shares.

The presenter and radio-host

THAF hostingMS.ABA discovered she had a natural skill to present after winning Face of Ghana Holland 2009, a beauty pageant focused on benchmarking beauty with a mission contributing to the Ghanaian community in the Netherlands. As a beauty queen, MS.ABA completed a charity project focused on diabetes treatment and financing an orphanage in Ghana. As a presenter, she has hosted The Hague African Festival, Miss Africa Netherlands, Afrika dag (Africa At Night), New Skool Rules Festival and more entertainment and lifestyle events. She works as a freelance presenter and voice-over artist. She has also hosted Ghana Today’s weekly music and entertainment show, which aired every Saturday at 4.30pm (GMT+1).


MS.ABA is the founder and editor-in-chief of AbinaOline. She also does philanthropic work. And she is the current ambassador of Heart of Grace.

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